Unleash Your Inner Child — Think Big!

Unleash Your Inner Child — Think Big! — Donna SLam

The Habits of Thinking Big

  1. Your daily aims, tasks, and routines.
  2. Your ability to solve problems and analyze information.
  3. Your ability to think outside the box.
  4. Your ability to imagine possibilities.
  5. Your ability to be valuable to others.
  6. Your contribution to others and the world in which you live.
  7. Your ability to overcome challenges and obstacles.
  8. Your life’s purpose.

Consider Solutions, Not Problems

Always be Curious

Remain Steadfast in Your Beliefs

Be Proactive

Embrace Your Fears

Cultivating the Big Thoughts

Embrace Empowering Language

Practice a Growth Mindset

Act Like a Kid Again

Don’t Settle

Take Time to Think

Look for Big Problems to Solve

Big Goals Should also be Smart

Focus on Resilience

Be Comfortable with Discomfort

Become More Proactive

Practice with Fake Problems

Create a Support Network

Take More Calculated Risks

Maximize Your Time

Build for Your Strengths

Become Someone Others Want to Help

Practice by Challenging your Time

Find Your Single Idea



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