5 Things I Do To Add More Balance To My Life

Donna SLam — 5 Things I Do To Add More Balance To My Life

Add Balance To Your Life

Add Balance To Your Life

In my never-ending quest to live life more in the moment, I realized that some habits were holding me back in a big way.

Confucius once said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

How true!

We need balance to live a happy and healthy life; everything in this world comes down to finding the proper balance. Whether it’s in work life and home life, eating healthy and eating, meditating, doing stuff for others without neglecting yourself, etc., everything works better and goes more smoothly when you’ve got a balance.

Achieving balance isn’t the easiest thing, but here are five ways that have kept me on the road to bringing more balance into my life and to getting closer and closer to living in the moment.

Prioritizing and scheduling can be a great start to introducing more of a sense of balance to your life. We all have busy lives and long to-do lists; the only way we’ll ever get everything done and find balance in our lives is by prioritizing what needs to be done when and scheduling our days.

The tricky part to this is deciding just what is important; in some cases, your work may take priority, but in others, family or friends may take priority over your work on your to-do list. Only you can decide what’s important and what should be prioritized in your schedule.

Setting both long-term, and short-term, goals can prove to be incredibly helpful in achieving a balance in your life. It helps you keep your sights on what you want and what’s important, and keeps you from straying from your path. The short-term goals help you to track your progress as you work to achieve your long-term goals, and help you stay on track.

If in order to achieve more balance, your goals were to, say, spend more time watching cooking shows, you’re more likely to complete it by saying “I’ll look at Iron Chef every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 5,” than if you say “watch cooking shows at least twice a week.” Don’t set yourself up for failure.

An accountability buddy is someone that holds you accountable for the goals you’ve made, the priorities you’ve set, and the things you’ve said you’ve wanted to do and accomplish. It’s easier to find balance and stick to your goals and schedule when you have someone to be accountable to.

Your relationship with your accountability buddy should be interactive and mutual. If you’re not pulling your weight or carrying more than your load, you could be hurting yourself more than you’re helping.

Life isn’t just about what you achieve and what you get, it’s about the journey, the process. To achieve a proper balance, you need to always keep in mind that it’s more the process than the potential achievement.

For example, you can make your goal to win a Nobel prize in literature, or you can make it to be paid to write for your career. The latter is a more achievable goal that focuses on the process and journey more than the achievement or prize at the end.

Everyone needs balance in order to live a happy and healthy life. Finding the proper balance in your life can be difficult, but it’s not impossible and it’s well worth the effort.

By putting purpose on your to-do list, you’ll feel less frazzled, more focused, and more fulfilled.

“In order to seek one’s own direction, one must simplify the mechanics of ordinary, everyday life.” — Plato

Meditation is a habit that may come easily to some. I have been meditating for over five years, but there were many days I found myself slipping. These days, not so much, not since I completed the no-cost Action Habits Challenge by Connie Ragen Green, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author, independent publisher, and serial entrepreneur. You can check it out here.

If you’re interested in revitalizing your life through meditation and would like to learn a virtually risk-free, and cost-effective practice, that people of all ages can do with a little patience and guidance and that will serve you for the rest of your life, I would love to connect with you. You can connect with me here.

I’m Donna SLam, who loves to blog about how meditation brings self-compassion, peace of mind, and clarity to my life and others by sharing tips and strategies on how to live a fulling and purposeful life. I enjoy championing others to lead a healthy and happy life through meditation, walking, self-development, and spending time with loved ones.



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